Flix IPTV app- How to install on Firestick, Android devices

This guide will show you how to install Flix IPTV on your FireStick and Android devices.

Flix IPTV is an excellent and fun IPTV media player that allows you to watch a wide range of TV channels and video content from IPTV providers in the best streaming quality over the Internet. It differs from other media players in that it requires a one-time fee of €8.99 for a lifetime subscription and activation, rather than a monthly or yearly subscription. Flix IPTV supports streaming video quality up to 4K, and it is a pure IPTV media player that does not contain any kind of content. Users must provide the content they want to watch via the M3U URL or playlist file.

Since most IPTV services provide login information via M3U URLs, this Flix IPTV is a great choice for playback. Once you delve into the user interface of Flix IPTV, you will find that it is probably smoother to navigate than other applications.

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Features of Flix IPTV

  1. You can stream content in different resolutions, such as 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K.
  2. You can set up multiple languages and allow you to choose language and subtitle features for movies and TV series.
  3. This Flix IPTV player also offers a subtitle customization feature that is very unique and enables you to change the size, color and background of the subtitles.
  4. Supports TV show play guide (EPG) and parental controls.
  5. With a powerful built-in media player, you can choose MX Player and VLC Player Full HD as external players in the application.

So what streaming devices are available to install Flix IPTV

Amazon Firestick

Fire TV


How to install Flix IPTV on FireStick

1.Install the Downloader app in your app store (Amazon or Google Play), then turn on Apps from Location Sources in your settings. If not already enabled, enable “Apps from unknown sources”.

2.Click to launch the “Downloader” application.

Flix IPTV Downloader

3.Click Allow.

Flix IPTV Allow

4.Click OK.

Flix IPTV ok

5.Click URL-GO.


6.Follow the prompts and enter the URL flixiptv.cc/flix.apk, click -GO.

Flix IPTV Website

7.Waiting for the application to be downloaded.

Flix IPTV Waiting for download

8.Click on INSTALL.


9.Finally, click Finish and you will see the message that the installation is complete.

Flix IPTV installed

How do I configure IPTV on Flix IPTV after I have installed Flix IPTV Play

1.Launch Flix IPTV in the Downloader application and click on “Settings”.

flix IPTV Settings

2.Select the user account.

flix IPTV user account

3.You will get the MAC address of the device, remember to write it down, this is very important.


4.Then visit the Flix IPTV activation page and enter the Mac address you obtained in the previous step and click “Check”.

flix IPTV activation

5.Once installation is complete, return to the Fire Stick home screen and select the Flix IPTV application icon to launch the application.

his will complete the installation and setup of Flix IPTV. You can then enter your M3U URL to access your IPTV service.

Note: Installing third-party applications on your Fire Stick may damage your device and compromise your personal information. Make sure to download apps only from reputable sources and use a VPN to protect your online privacy.

How to installation Flix IPTV on Android device

Flix IPTV is currently not available on Google Play Store. But you can install IPTV Player without apk file.

1.Turn on Applications from Location in your settings. If not already enabled, enable “Apps from unknown sources”. Please go to Settings > Security on your device and toggle the switch next to “Unknown Sources”.

flix IPTV Unknown sources

2.Search for “Flix IPTV apk” in the search bar of Play Store and download it.

3.Click on the apk file and choose to install it.

4.After the installation is finished, launch the IPTV application.

5.Select the menu icon and click Settings.

6.Click User account and copy the Mac address.

7.Go to the official Flix IPTV website and enter your Mac address and M3U URL in the appropriate fields.

8.Click Send and now you can configure your IPTV playlist as per my previous answer.

flix IPTV Configuration complete

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about Flix IPTV FAQ

Is Flix IPTV legal?

Of course. The installation and use of this application is completely legal.

Is Flix IPTV safe?

The answer is yes, Flix IPTV is available on the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store and is safe to install and use.

What devices can I install Flix IPTV on?

1.Android TV Boxes: Flix IPTV can be installed on Android-based TV boxes, including popular models such as Nvidia Shield TV and Mi Box.
2.Android smartphones and tablets: Flix IPTV can be installed on Android smartphones and tablets, allowing you to watch IPTV on the go.
3.Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick. Flix IPTV can be installed on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick devices to provide access to IPTV content on the TV.
4.MAG Box: Flix IPTV can be installed on MAG Box devices, which are popular for watching IPTV.
5.Other Android-based devices: Flix IPTV can be installed on other Android-based devices that support the Google Play Store, including Android-based smart TVs and streaming sticks.

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